How would our landscape look if we didn’t care about forests?



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    If we didn’t care about forests (and had no knowledge of the benefits of trees producing oxygen) then it’s very likely that all of our forests would be completely decimated.

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    Kind of like Kansas.  Seriously, our landscape would look like urban/suburban sprawl from coast to coast, dotted with token trees and small parks.  Kind of what it looks like now in most formerly-forested parts of the US, Europe, and much of the world.  The most terrifying thing is that it wouldn’t look much different from what you probably see around you every day, take for granted, and don’t see as harmful.  As long as there’s one small patch of state forest left in every region that people can drive to on a Saturday, everyone will think there is plenty of forest left and it will be around forever.  But like when the last tree on Easter Island fell, people will look around and realize only when it’s too late.

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