How is working on an electric car different than a regular car?



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    There are fewer moving parts on an electric or hybrid car, for starters. The oil filters in a hybrid  don’t need to be changed as often as a combustion engine. Unless you’re trained in how to work on an electric car, it is best to take them to the dealer for maintenance.

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    Regular cars contain an internal combustion engine, which electric cars do not have.  By definition, they contain a battery, instead.  This electric battery takes up most of the space under the hood, and generally is a lot simpler than regular combustion engines.  In terms of getting the car repaired, it is supposed to be easier to fix than regular cars, because of the simplicity of the engine.  However, most mechanics today are not trained in the repair of electric cars, so it may be difficult to find someone to do work on your engine.  Most maintenence must be done at the dealership.  Also, the cost to replace an electric battery is much more expensive than the battery in your gas-powered car; the article I’ve cited says that the cost of a battery can be up to $15,000.  Meanwhile, the US Department of Energy has said that its goal is to reduce this expense by 2014.

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    Electric cars don’t require nearly as much maintenance as normal cars.  Normal cars have comparatively complicated combustion engines that require oil and air filter changing.  Typically, all you have to do to keep an electric car running smoothly is change the battery now and then. 

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