how will you substantiate the statement that heridiy and its concepts were known to ancient civilisation?

human evolution



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    You are out of your depth. (And so is the teacher who asked you this.)

    You need to learn basic things first, such as how to spell “heredity” and “civilization”. And the difference between singular and plurial. And subject/verb agreement. Seriously. This question is completely beyond you.

    Your teacher’s apparent framing of the question indicates he’s a verbose pedant who barely knows how to write. My guess is that the teacher is asking a question that they already answered in class? And that now they want their students to repeat? Heredity in ancient civilizations? They hardly understood it existed, except that peeps don’t get pumpkins from apple trees. Who is your teacher kidding? Even in Shakespeare’s day (1600), they thought people’s lives were guided by the stars and fate.

    Epic fail. Yes, there are stupid questions.

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