How will a solar panel farm in my neighborhood affect the quality of life for people and wild life



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    When I was in geography class at school, I remember that one of the biggest problems that came up when dealing with renewable energy was that it was an eye-sore. This appeared to be one of the major reasons why renewable energy was rejected for certain suitable sites. While I understand this issue, I believe that the situation we are with the planet these days often negates this issue more than it used to. 

    However, there are still other concerns for the environment and people when it comes to living near renewable energy farms, such as solar panel farms. These are:

    Solar Panel Farms do create some greenhouse gas emissions. Not enough to negate their use, but some nonetheless.

    If the solar panel farm is built in an arid region, there are concerns that the solar panel farm could put a strain on local water resources that are needed to help power the farm.

    Solar panel farms take up a lot of land and there are concerns that the amount of land needed could harm the natural habitat for the nature in that area and disturb part of the ecosystem.

    Lastly, solar panels are made from some harmful materials, which if release into the environment can do damage. This is only the case if they are not maintained or are disposed of improperly.

    As with everything in life, there are positives and negatives. However, if taken care of and thought out properly, solar panel farms should be a positive addition to the community rather than a negative one, especially with all of the good they will do for the community and planet as a whole.

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