How will the problems that Toyota is having with the Prius effect the green car market?



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    I don’t think it will have too big of an impact.  Car companies other than Toyota have had recalls before, and they bounced back.  People are tired of paying for so much gas, and the oil spill in the Gulf definately is making a lot of people who previously didn’t care about going green think twice.

    It was a speed bump for sure, but not enough to deter too much.

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    I don’t think so.  The recalls did not have to do with the fact these cars were hybrids, rather the brake pedals had some manufacturing issues, or issues with floor mats making accelerator pedals remain depressed.  If there was a huge recall affecting the battery, or some other aspect of the hybrid nature of the car, then it might have an effect.  At the same time Toyota was undergoing several other recalls on different non-hybrid models, and car makers such as GM, Ford, Honda and others have recalls all the time, they are just not usually as publicized.

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