How will oil from the Canada Tar Sands be transported to the US?



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    Pipelines carry the crude from Canada to many US oil companies.

    Very recently, there has been a leak in the pipeline which has been polluting the Yellowstone River with crude oil. To make matters worse, the crude that the pipeline has been transported was “heavier and more toxic from of crude than the company and federal regulators initially acknowledged.”

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    Export pipelines and oil tankers.  Currently, the Canadian government is trying to push the construction of two oil pipelines in order to expand their oil sands output.  The project is now under debate with regulators.  One pipeline, called the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project, would extend to the Pacific port of Kitimat, British Columbia while the other pipeline, called the Keystone XL pipeline, would extend to Louisiana’s Gulf Coast all the way from Alberta, Canada.  Climatologists and environmentalists are firmly against the Tar Sands project at all, especially these pipelines – there has also been adamant protest from aboriginal tribes in British Columbia against the construction of the Northern Gateway pipeline.  The EPA has already denied the U.S. State Department’s last two evaluations of the Keystone XL pipeline saying that they were far from satisfactory in meeting environmental standards.  Canada hopes to extend its oil business to China as well – up until now the U.S. has been the main customer, mostly to avoid complete dependency on foreign oil.  This might be the same reason that Obama could favor construction of the pipeline.  See the links for more information.

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