How will La Nina effect the weather in the United States this winter?



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    La Nina this year has decreased water temperatures to 1.5 degrees Celsius below average in the Pacific Ocean. Forecasters vary in opinion about whether the strength of La Nina will continue to increase or remain moderate to strong this year. One near certainty, however, is that its effects will last well into Spring of 2011. The South can expect drought and perhaps some restrictions on water usage, while the Pacific Northwest can expect colder and more wet weather this Winter. Snow fall tends to decrease in major cities during La Nina. 

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    We are already seeing effects of La Nina! Today there was a tornado in Oregon, it was 4 degrees in Kentucky and 13 degrees in Georgia, just to name a few! In addition, in Portland there have been record rain falls for the last few days, which is pretty dramatic since Portland is known for its rain! 

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