how will i save endangered species of birds?



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    You can protect both endangered and non-endangered birds by helping maintain their natural habitats through minimizing developed in the places they live. For sea birds, you can also be sure to cut the plastic pieces that bind a six-pack of soda or beer. Many birds have gotten stuck in the l,astic when it ends up in the ocean. Last, don’t litter and don’t feed birds or any wildlife since what you feed them might make them sick or make them too depedent on humans feeding them.

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    There are also many organizations that try to save and help different species of birds. For example, in New York City there is “The Wild Bird Fund,” which aims to help protect the wild birds of NYC. I found it rather sad that NYC doesn’t have a rehabilitation center for wild animals, making The Wild Bird Fund that much more important. Also considering the amount of wildlife in Central Park, one would see such an organization as essential. If you wish to learn more about how you can help, click the link at the bottom!

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