How will I know when a Duck has 7 eggs and she had 2 chicks,will the other ducks hatch? She has left the nest.



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    It sounds like you’re referring to a wild duck, since you’re not manually incubating the eggs. When did she leave the nest? If she left a few days ago, there is a distinct possibility that she is not going to hatch the rest of her eggs. This might be because humans have scared her, and she has interpreted human presence as a threat to her young. But, if she did not leave the nest long ago, there’s a chance she’ll come back.

    If anything, do not try to “rescue” the duck eggs if you are dealing with a wild duck. Leave them alone. The mother might come back, but even if not, humans are not suitable parents for wild ducks. Perhaps call your local department of fish and wildlife and ask them if you should be concerned.

    If you are actually referring to a pet duck, call your vet.

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