how will the current oil spill effect the ocean floor



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    Sadly, scientists predict it will negatively impact a whole range of marine life from plankton to dolphins. Oil gobs are making it to the bottom, and when they hit coral reefs it will kill them. This will effect the sea life that depends on the reef. It will also kill some of the lower species such as small worms, but others may eat the gobs and then larger fish will eat them, essentially poisoning food for us and the ocean animals.

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    Besides lowering oxygen levels and affecting many other conditions for marine life from the ocean floor up, the spill will also disrupt the ocean floor’s ability to absorb carbon from the atmosphere. The ocean is the primary way in which the carbon pumped into the atmosphere is truly removed and returned into the earth, yet the oil that is spilling into the depths of the ocean is disrupting the microorganisms, which many scientists believe is much more detrimental than the larger life forms we’ve seen covered in oil.

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