How will adding earthworms benefit a compost pile?



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    Earthworms provide big benefits to your compost, by both their activities and by their by-products.

    By continually eating their way through your decomposing organic matter, they effectively churn the dirt and keep decomposition occurring 24/7. In heaps without them, decomposition can be slowed or stopped by the continual addition of even small amounts of material; but constant additions are no problem for earthworms.

    Also their casings–excrement–are very rich in nutrients beneficial to plant growth, making your compost that much more potent.

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    Using worms to compost is an excellent way to recycle food waste in healthy, rich, fertile soil. Composting with worms has the advantage of the flexibility of composting both in and out doors. This is a convenient way for those who live in apartments or who have yards or other outdoor space available to them. The worms and accompanying microorganisms convert the food into dark, rich soil.

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