How wide spread geographically is Colony Collapse Disorder?



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    The Colony Collapse Disorder is a disorder that not only affects the United States but has affected Europe and has resulted in the ban of Neonicotinoids in Europe. CCD threatens our honey bees therefore threatening our fruits and vegetables. Please take the time out to watch the documentary, “Vanishing of the Bees”, which is a documentary that theorizes that the disappearance of the honey bees and other creatures such as butterflies, humming birds, frogs and etc are due to insecticides. The documentary is narrated by Ellen Page and discusses how France, Italy and numerous other countries have experienced the disappearance of their bees also and have also theorized that the disorder is due to insecticides. The documtary is very informative and will cost $3.99 to watch instantly.  Honeycolony is also an informative website that has information about honey bees. This site also shares information about superfoods and ways to keep healthy.

    “Vanishing of the Bees” is a great documentary. The documentary makes you realize how important the bees and other pollinators are in our society and also that we need to do something in order to prevent insecticides  from poisoning our bees and us.

    Here is the “Vanishing of the Bees” website:

    and here’s the Honeycolony website where you will be able to ask Mayram Henien, who is one of the writers for “Vanishing of the Bees”, any questions you may have about the Colony Collapse Disorder.


    Save our Bees!

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    Here are a couple maps of Colony Collapse Disorder as well, so that you can see the spatial distribution.

    These are the states where CCD has been documented:

    Scroll across the images to see the global distribution:

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