How is white charcoal made?



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    White charcoal is made by burning charcoal at a very low temperature for a long period of time.  See the attached link for more information.

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    White charcoal is made by carbonizing wood at a low temperature, then cranking up the heat to 1000 degrees Celsius until the wood is red hot.  Then the wood is removed, still red, and quickly cooled with sand, dirt, and ash, giving it its white color. 

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    White and black charcoals are made by different methods of burning, but they are produced in a basically similar manner. The quality of the charcoal differs totally depending on how the fire is extinguished. White charcoal is made by carbonizing wood at moderately low temperatures Then the kiln temperature is raised to approximately 1000 degrees Celsius to make the wood hot. You then need to be skilled in removing the charcoal, which have turned deep red from kiln and quickly smother it with a covering of powder to cool it. The powder is a mixture of sand, earth, and ash. This will then give a whitish color to the surface of the charcoal giving it the name “white charcoal”.

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    White charcoal is often used in Japan and other parts of East Asia and has many uses that can be taken advantage of. Its claims include the ability to absorbs room odors, create mineral water, kill termites, absorbs chemicals, and has many health benefits. The coal is not burned like conventional coal and is not necessarily intended to create energy.  Check out the link below for some interesting information about white coal use. 

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