How were other countries affected by the tsunami in Japan?



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    Of course when any major disaster happens in the world, people in other countries are affected emotionally. Many countries also send aid and can be affected economically, especially if they have a lot of interaction with Japan. For example businesses in other countries that are dominated by Japanese companies might get a temporary boost. There can also be drops in the economies of countries who trade with Japan or industries which rely on exports from Japan. Right now, there is a big way that the United States is going to be affected by the tsunami in the future. About 5-20 million tons of debris which was carried out into the ocean during the tsunami and traveling across the Pacific Ocean towards Hawaii and the West Coast of the US, where it may land in the next few years.

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    The U.S. weather service issued tsunami warnings for 50 other countries, and the earthquake that caused it actually shifted the earth’s axis by about ten inches, which could effect the length of out days (though by insubstantial amounts).

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