How were the nasca lines formed?



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    The geoglyphs found in Peru’s Nazca Desert, known as the Nazca Lines, include depictions of various animals and human figures, among other geometric shapes, some measuring as large as 200 meters.  The going theory is that the Nazca culture crafted them some time between 200 BCE and 700 CE, using simple tools to remove the pebbles covering the surface of the desert to create color contrast with the earth beneath.  A scientist named Jim Woodmann hypothesized the theory that the Nazca Lines were created using a hot air balloon, which was the only way to accomplish the size and complexity of the designs.  Scholars reject his theory due to a lack of evidence of any such hot air balloon.  Some more radical theories claim that the geoglyphs were created by an advanced alien intelligence that were using the region as an airfield.

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    Another possibility: Olly Steeds, of Solving History with Olly Steeds on the Discovery Channel, went to investigate the Nazca Lines, and with recent analysis showing that the dirt on the Lines was much more heavily compacted than the dirt next to the lines, he concluded that the Lines must have been drawn by the procession of many people, sort of like how a trail forms in grass.  He thinks that the numerous broken pots around the area point to a ritual sort of like a rain dance.  The people would take large doses of hallucinogens, and follow a procession in the shape of the figure they saw, in the hopes of causing rain.  The trails they made are the Nazca Lines.

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