How were the Chilean miners able to stay alive in the mine for so long?



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    It was reported that the men survived on spoonfuls of tunafish, halves of cookies, and about a half-full glass of milk every 2 days which they rationed out to each other in equal portions. 

    Once they were discovered (but before they were brought to the surface) rescuers sent down hydration gel (like marathoners eat during long distance runs), soup and necessary medications in thin plastic tubes so that the men had more substance than just tuna and cookies.  

    When doctors were preparing them to be taken up, they made sure to keep the men on a fairly strict 2,200 diet in order to ensure that they were slender enough to fit through the hole that had been made to get them out.  The hole was only two feet in diameter so it was essential that the men were slender (not that that was going to be a big concern after not eating for so long!) in order to fit up the hole.  

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