how we can use bitterness of aleo vera



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    Aloe Vera’s bitter properties help stimulate bile production in the liver. Adequate bile is necessary for proper digestion.

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    I’m not sure if this relates specifically to aloe vera’s bitterness, but I often use aloe vera as a healing agent – I find minor cuts that I treat with aloe vera heal more cleanly and quickly than those I don’t. I also often drink aloe vera juice (which is indeed quite bitter) as an herbal immune booster.

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    Aloe vera is like a miracle plant. It’s known as the natural healer and the aloe vera latex (or bitterness) is derived from the cells underneath the leaf. The active ingredient in the bitterness is: “athraquinone derivatives, mostly in the form of aloins, with smaller amounts of hydroxyaloins, aloe-emodin, and aloeresins”.

    The aloe vera gel can be taken interally, however, don’t take the bitterness internally! It can cause irritation to your stomach!

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