How we can reduce the bitterness of cranberries?



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    You can purchase natural flavor mixture such as Astringency Away that reduces or eliminates astringency. Astringency is the mouthfeel sensation characterized as dry and rough, and is usually connected with cranberry/ grape products.

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    Sugar Sugar Sugar.  You can mask the bitterness of cranberries with sugar, in fact a very simple recipe for cranberry sauce is to simply boil them in water and add brown sugar.  This isn’t always the healthiest way to go about it though, others have suggested agave syrup, or apple sauce to counteract the bitterness.  If it weren’t so easy, I suppose you could breed the least bitter varieties of cranberry to generate your own new variety, but this can be very involved and take quite some time. 

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    Though not the healthiest alternative, I had raw cranberries cooked into muffins last winter. I was pessimistic that they would bake well, but they did. They weren’t overly sweet, but added a nice flavor.

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