how we can control global warming?



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    This is a bit of a loaded question as there are so many different opinions on controlling global warming. The opinions range from carbon taxes, land use planning, recycling, controlling fuel consumption and numerous others, some more creative than others. Scientists, for the most part, agree that the burning of fossil fuels accelerates global warming and depletes the ozone layer. So, one of the best ways that global warming can be controlled is through further research in alternative energy and using power other than just gasoline. CO2 undoubtedly plays the largest part in the heating of our earths surface and controlling the levels of this gas is vital to controlling the temperature of our planet. The solution to this lies in a power source that has not yet been discovered or perfected. If solar or wind energy were to become cheaper and more readily available, they could potentially take over as a clean, renewable resource that could potentially replace fossil fuels. 

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