How is wave power obtained?



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    Tidal power is created by creating a tidal reservoir, or an area that will fill with water during high tides, and that the water will then evacuate at low tides. At this point their are a couple methods I’ve seen:

    The first involves a turbine or propeller similar in shape to a wind turbine that is facing the earth ,with its rotational axis perpendicular to the ground. Rising water levels in the reservoir cause this turbine to turn one way, and evacuating water cause it to turn the other, this rotation creates electricity.

    The second variation I have seen similarly involves a turbine, but this turbine is in a channel through which the water evacuates the reservoir, similar to the functioning of a hydroelectric dam.

    There are other methods to harness power from oceanic wave forms, such as the installation of piezoelectrics – but these have not been cultivated to any large degree due to production expense.

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