how was our environment in the past



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    You could make a career out of answering this question!

    These last decades people have been keenly interested in whether global warming exists, and if so what changes it has caused from past periods. But what we do know, is that it’s 100% certain that in the past, at times the Earth:

    • Had no atmosphere at all.
    • Had an atmosphere, but with no oxygen in it.
    • Had an oxygen atmosphere, but was much hotter than today.
    • Had an oxygen atmosphere, but was much colder than today.

    Whee! Take a deep breath and try the Wikipedia article for a start on this.

    But to get a good feeling for some of the overall environmental changes, try the BBC series “Walking with Monsters”, “Walking with Dinosaurs” and “Walking with Prehistoric Beasts”. (All available streaming on Netflix.)

    And then, after all that, if you’re feeling smug about knowing the situation, ask yourself: What is the ideal environment?

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