How was the jet stream related to the floods in Pakistan?



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    It looks like the jet stream was related to both the floods in Pakistan and to wildfires in Russia at the same time.  The jetstream itself is a current of air that travels around the world at around 10-12 kilometers above the surface of the planet.  Generally the jet streams during the summer are a weak polar stream that moves over Northern Europe, and a stronger subtropical stream that moves over Central Asia and the Mediterranean.  The polar jet is used in weather forecasting, because if the stream is moving north the areas just south of it will be warm and dry; if it moves south, the areas just north of it will be chillier and wetter.

    In July 2010, the polar jet stream was very strong; it first headed north of Moscow, but then headed back to the south, towards Pakistan.  This brought warm air over Russia and simultaneously stopped the low pressure systems that normally bring rain to the area.  That rain travelled with the jet stream and ultimately ended up in Pakistan, during the normal monsoon season, which lead to the unexpected level of flooding.

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