how was francis bacon life growing up



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          Francis Bacon was born in 1651. His father was the keeper of the royal seal. Due to ill health, Bacon was probably educated at home by tutor John Walsall. Bacon entered Trinity College at the age of only twelve. While at Trinity he met Queen Elizabeth I, who was impressed by his precocity and intelligence.

         During his studies he came to the conclusion that current, Aristotelian scientific methods were misguided. At fifteen he went to France with the English Ambassador. The young Bacon travelled around Europe and studied law, language and statecraft. After the death of his father in 1579, Bacon returned to England and became a lawyer to support himself.

         In his later life, Bacon became Attorney General and Lord Chancellor of England. Like many men of his time, his political career ended in disgrace. A true renaissance man, he wrote prolifically on science, philosophy and other subjects. As a scientist, he popularized the modern scientific method. His dedication to science eventually killed him when he caught a chill doing an experiment on the preservation of meat. He died of pneumonia in 1626 at age 65.

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