How was Earth formed?



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    Most theories of how the origins of the Earth agree that it was formed from cast off material from a star. The Big Bang theory states that all matter came from one great explosion of matter. Another theory holds that the bang came from the end of the collapse of a black hole when the energy absorbed became greater than the gravity of the hole. Another one states that the universe is forever expanding then falling in upon itself, repeatedly throwing out stars and planets, then drawing them back in to the center.

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    Well it all started when some small particulate throughout space accumulated. This continued until the planet had enough mass to keep its interior very hot, which made many of the heavy metals liquids and amassed them in the center resulting in the many different layers of Earth. Likely a cloud of silica existed around this mass and eventually came together to form rocks on the surface. No atmosphere could be maintained because the planet was not large enough, this changed as it reached approximately forty percent of its current size.
    Then, rocks from the Moon were brought back, radiometric dating of these rocks has shown the Moon to be 4527 ± 10 million years old,[12] about 30 to 55 million years younger than other bodies in the solar system.[13] Another special feature is the relatively low density of the Moon, which must mean it does not have a large metallic core, like all other terrestrial bodies in the solar system. In fact, the Moon has a bulk composition closely resembling the Earth’s mantle and crust together, without the Earth’s core. This has led to the giant impact hypothesis, the idea that the Moon was formed during a giant impact of the proto-Earth with another protoplanet. The Moon formed by accretion of the material blown off the mantles of the proto-Earth and impactor. Finally, after this collision it reformed its atmosphere and steam and water accumulated through the boiling of interior producing steam and asteroid impacts.

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