How was the big boom created?



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    The Big Bang was been quite a conundrum to many an astrologist. The Big Bang is such an issue it is for some it is also referred to as the Singularity – as it was the instant that contained everything that was, all the matter and energy in the universe – scientists have had such a problem with this issue for a number of reasons. Not the least of which is they have traced back the universe by determining its current growth rate and rewinding the clock if you will. All has worked out for quite some time, there is general consensus on how and when things happened in the field. Until that is, you reach the Big Bang or Singularity moment, the laws of physics literally break down and can no longer support what is theorized to have happened. There have been many attempts to explain how all this could have happened, String Theory attempted to explain it. It unfortunately had many flaws and there ended up being about five strings, which was much to imprecise. While String Theory was the chosen method by most physicists and astrologists there was a competing theory called Supergravity. As String Theory showed its flaws as not being one answer but five, Supergravity proved to be more important than originally thought. The main difference between the two were the number of dimensions, String Theory had ten while Supergravity had eleven. Instead of being opposing views as they started out, they ended up being very complimentary. Which all lead to what a growing number of scientists believe may have caused the Big Bang: M Theory. Lot of Mystery, Magic, but mostly Membranes in M theory. It suggests that there are infinite other Membranes that exist each with their own laws of physics, if you will. Almost like parallel universes, which was brought up in the 80’s then discredited; but it’s returned with somewhat of a vengence in the form of electrons. The trouble with electrons is that they can be in multiple places at the same time, which really bothers a lot of scientists these days – that’s really just not how it’s (anything) is supposed to work. But back to the Membrances, these Membranes are thought to have collided, which – should this theory hold true – is nothing phenomenal, special, or even noteworthy at all. These Membranes can and do collide all the time, creating countless Big Bangs. It also had to explain why everything was so spaced out in our universe, which it did by saying that these Membranes were not solid flat planes, but rather having a more rippled effect. As these ripples in the Membranes with their own peaks and valleys hit at different intervals it spread much of the matters and energies in a varied fashion. This theory also attempts to explain why gravity is such a weak forces in comparison to the other forces of the universe. By establishing that Gravity leaks in from other Membranes and is quite likely much stronger in other Membranes, again with their individual physical properties.

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    Well the term “big boom” is new to me, so why don’t you explain it? I think you might be the creator.

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