how was agriculture after the green revolution different for agriculture before the green revolution



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    Agriculture before the green revolution was pretty much limited to areas with a significant amount of rainfall or close to a body of water, has a high enough day length, and in fertile land.  Beforehand, farmers could not harvest a high yield of crops enough to feed even the local population.  When the Green Revolution started, one of the first places that its new practices were put to use was in India since they were suffering from a mass famine.  After the Green Revolution, the use of synthetic fertilizers have increased, irrigation systems were being utilized, crops have a higher-yield, increased food production world-wide. 

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    After research conducted in the 1940s, the Green Revolution helped to spread agricultural technologing from industrialized nations to developing countries. Unfortunately, some of the new technologies included chemical pesticides that we have since determined to be dangerous in many ways. However, the new technologies introduced did increase crop yields in those developing countries.

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