How is a vinegar-and-water solution effective as a cleanser?

I want to know what compounds in vinegar provide us with a non-toxic cleanser. I want to understand whether it actually kills germs or “just cleans” a surface. Also, does hot water really clean or kill germs more effectively than cold water?



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    The acidity of vinegar is what makes it clean so well. It kills germs and molds, and it also breaks down stuck-on grime to make it easier to wipe away. To address your second question, it is suggested that warm water is more effective in hand washing, but the temperature of the water will probably not make a huge difference when sanitizing the surfaces in your home.

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    Very hot (think “boiling”) water disinfects very well because proteins fall apart at such temperatures, but hot (110F) water and cold (40F) water aren’t too different.

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