How useful are whiskers to cats?



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    Cat whisker’s are extremely useful to cats. They allow cats to sense the prescence, size, and the shape of an obstacle. The cool part is that they can do all this with just their whiskers, they do not even touch the obstacle, but have an idea of the obstacle without touching it.

    They also are helpful with hunting. They allow the cat to figure out which part of the mouse they are about to bite. Without their whiskers they may bite the mouse in the wrong place!!

    If you were to trim their whiskers it would cause them extreme discomfort because they are connected to the central nervous sytem.

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    Yes, whiskers are essential to cats. Cats use them for sensory purposes, mainly to judge whether or not they can fit past an obstacle or through an opening in front of them. They are known as “tactile hairs.” 

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    The way a cat uses his whiskers for hunting is pretty amazing. The sensitivity in their whiskers allows the cat to “feel” the prey’s movement. A cat can know the exact moment for when to strike based on the information they get from their whiskers. The whiskers sensitivity is due to the sac of blood surrounding the base of the whiskers.  Besides the side of their face, their whiskers can also be located on their cheeks and chin, over their eyes, and on the back and front of their legs.

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