How true is it that the African bees are the most vicious?



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    Africanized honey bees have been known to attack without any warning, so yes, they are quite vicious. Even vibrations or noises may cause an attack. The good news is that they are not more potent that the average honey bee; however, since they tend to swarm in an attack, someone could get stung multiple times.

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    I think you mean the Africanized Honey bee, also known as the Killer bee. According to the list I’ve linked below, the Africanized Honey Bee is extremely aggressive. Instead of sending out one of two members of the hive to sting the unfortunate creature that disturbs them, they send the entire hive, and they will give chase for about a kilometer. Bees are not naturally this agressive – the Africanized Honey Bee was bred by humans, a cross between the African bee and the European bee, in an attempt to create a bee that can live in the jungle.

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