How is tourism being affected by the oil spill?



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    There is a lot of fear regarding the potential negative impacts of the oil spill on tourism. I recently saw an interview where an owner of a bar that normally served tourists was lamenting having no customers. In some areas, tourism is almost nonexistant due to the sullied beaches, which is terrible because many of these communities rely almost solely on tourism for income.

    President Obama has urged Americans to come to visit Gulf communities, since many are still unaffected. Even here on GreenAnswers we have gotten questions regarding which beach communities remain untouched by the oil. However, this still means that the affected communities are going to suffer, since tourists that once would go to those communities are trickling slowly into others (if they even decide to vacation at all).

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    Grand Isle, LA  has been greatly affected by the oil spill.  It is a community that depends on tourism to survive and many people once traveled to the pristine island for fishing.  Now, the ocean is closed and water polluted with oil.  My family in LA used to rent a house on Grand Isle every summer to fish, now their tradition is ruined for at least a year.  The people of Grand Isle fear for the worst, they will have to close their businesses and find another way to feed their families.


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