How thick is the pollution in China?



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    As the world’s fastest growing industrial economy, there’s a tremendous amount of pollution in China. The worst cities in China in terms of air pollution are Linfen, Yangquan, Datong, and Shizuishan. Recent figures for sulfur dioxide emissions put the national amount at 23.2 million metric tons. It’s not just China’s air that’s getting worse, either. Water pollution is a major problem too, with chemical oxygen demand in wastewater nearly double the Chinese government’s 2007 projections. Several programs are underway in China to improve air and water quality. The country is also embarking on an ambitious program of reforestation, especially in the regions bordering the Gobi Desert.

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    China’s pollution is so concentrated, that the government banned 1 million cars from the roads to provide cleaner air for the 2008 Olympics.  There was concern as to the air quality and the affect it would have on the athletes.  The government attempted to limit the amount of pollution being emitted into the air by banning cars.

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