How is Tesla performing in terms of US sales?



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    Tesla hasn’t really sold many cars in the U.S., but they were never really expecting to sell many at this point.  The only model they’ve produced so far is the  $109 K Roadster, and the market for a 6 digit priced electric sports car is a bit limited in the U.S. especially these days.  Worldwide 2024 Roadsters had been sold, mostly outside the U.S.  Only 2500 were ever produced and nearly all the ones that were put on the U.S. market sold – though that’s still not at all a high number.  More Chevy volts and Nissan leafs have been sold in the U.S., and those are also low numbers.  It’s estimated by the end of 2011, 11,000 electric cars (all models and companies) will have been sold throughout the country.  

    Tesla stopped selling the Roadster in the U.S. in August to work on their new electric sedan which they hope will come out in mid 2012.  It will be priced at $50,000, about half the price of a Roadster.  The company is not expecting to see any profits until 2013 but are doing okay due to government grants.  

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