how tall does a sumac tree grow?



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    Sumacs can grow up to a height of 1 to 10 meters.  The smooth sumac tree (Rhus glabra) can grow up to 10 feet, while the Staghorn sumac (Rhus typhina) can attain a height of 18 to 34 feet.

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    The sumac tree is native to New England but can be grown in other areas with the same climate. Two popular ones are the staghorn sumac tree and the smooth sumac tree. The staghorn grows to what most people would think of as acceptable tree height, 20-35 feet. The smooth sumac is shorter, more in the 8-12 foot range. Both of the trees have brilliant foliage and bright red berries. These red berries do stay red even after the snow flies, making a stark visual contrast with the white on the ground.

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