How tall is an average mountain?



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    Geographers reserve the term “mountain” for a positive topographic feature which rises to a height of at least 305 meters above the surrounding terrain.

    Anything less than 305 meters in height is considered a hill

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    Here are some definitions of a mountain:

    “In the United States, the following points of measurement have been used and taught in geography classes:

    • Flat to 500 feet, base to highest point – Rolling Plain
    • Highest point 501 to 999 feet above base – Hill
    • Highest point 1000 feet or more above base – Mountain


    Other definitions of “mountain” include:

    • Height over base of at least 2,500 m
    • Height over base of 1500–2500 m with a slope greater than 2 degrees
    • Height over base of 1000–1500 m with a slope greater than 5 degrees
    • Local (radius 7 km) elevation greater than 300 m, or 300–1000 m if local (radius 7 km) elevation is greater than 300 m”

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