How is swine flu linked to factory farms?



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    Keeping animals in very population dense situation is just asking for problems with infectious disease. The disease gets introduced to on individual and spreads like a wildfire. In a situation like factory farms these animals are kept in very close contact with each other and in the worst of situations in very close contact with the droppings, plus the contaminated water and food. Then the workers are exposed to the diseased animals for the entire workday. Most of the time the animals diseases are not transmissible to people. Sometimes, however, the disease does make the species jump. Then if the disease is able to infect people it can mutate to become human to human transmissible. This doesn’t always happen but when it does the disease can then spread easily through the entire human population.

    Animals kept in less dense environments are less likely to have diseases sweep through the population and the workers have an easier time isolating the infected animals or area before the disease gets too out of hand.

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    H1N1 is a triple reassortment flu.  This means that strains of an avian flu and the human flu interchanged genetic material among pigs’ flu.  H1N1 originated from these pig populations and was transferred to humans.  It is in this close proximity of pigs in farms that flu viruses are combined and then spread to humans.   

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