How sustainable is bison meat?



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    Bison meat’s main appeal is that it is lower in fat, calories, and cholesterol than other meats. Meat in general isn’t a particularly sustainable food source, because we waste more food to feed the animals than we gain by eating them.

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    ATTRA – National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service offers this support for raising bison in an ethical and environmentally sustainable way:

    Many buffalo farmers are currently raising and harvesting grass-fed and free-roaming bison in sustainable ways. These free-roaming bison are providing antibiotic- and hormone-free lean red meat with far less of the “bad” fats, more of the “good” fat (Omega-3s), and more selenium, which may reduce the risk for cancer.

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    The answer above is true! there are ways to have a sustainable buffalo meat and eat it too, all the while reaping the benefits of Omega 3s. By rotating grazing fields ranchers are able to sustain their grass. However, currently most suppliers are providing us with grain fed bison, which isn’t sustainable or humane in my book. However, Whole Foods is in discussions with their sources to provide grass fed buffalo meat. This would still entail feeding some grain to the animal in the final months of their life, but in the pasture vs. the feed lot.  Source NY Times Kirk Johnson, 1/23/11

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