How is sugar produced?



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    Sugar, as we know it today, is manufactured through a process that involves seven general steps. These steps include–

    • Planting and harvesting
      • Production and harvesting of sugar cane and sugar beet 
    • Preparation and processing
      • Raw material is cleaned and prepared to be milled
    • Juice extraction pressing
      • Cane is either pressed or shredded and exposed to hot water
    • Purification
      • Clarification, sedimentation, and evaporation act to concentrate the liquid into a syrup
    • Crystallization
      • A single-stage vacuum pan is used to bring the syrup to a saturation point, at which time sugar crystals, called seed, are added to the mixture to induce crystal formation
    • Centrifugaling
      • A centrifugal machine separates sugar crystals from molasses
    • Drying and packaging



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    I grew up in Boise, Idaho, and any time we headed out of town on a road trip you always knew when you were passing by the sugar beet factory—it had a very distinct, unpleasant smell. Sugar beets are used to produce white beet sugar, and it takes only one process rather than the two processes it requires to produce cane sugar. Sugar beets are harvested in the autumn and must be thoroughly washed after coming out of the ground before being processed. The beets are sliced very thinly and then placed in very hot water for an hour to diffuse the sugar. Then, the sliced are removed and pressed to extract as much remaining sugar as possible. The remaining beet pulp is processed into animal feeds, while the juice is sent to the carbonation process in which chunk of chalk growing in the liquid collects unwanted materials. Finally, the syrup is boiled down until sugar crystals start to form, are dried, and packed for use.

    The sugar beet factory in Nampa, Idaho

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