How strong are the fines in the rain forest?



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    It depends on where in the world the violations have occured. Here are some of the hefty fines given in other countries:

    Brazil has was $75 million for operating without licenses and planting sugarcane in illegally deforested parts of one of Brazil’s most threatened ecosystems, according to Environment Minister Carlos Minc.

    Barama Company Limited, a subsidiary of the Samling Group, a Malaysian logging firm, has been fined for violating Guyana’s forest laws, reports Staebroek News.
    Several logging companies of the Samling Group have been collectively fined $1.35 million.

    In Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian authorities fined $234 million on a company owned by Swedish tycoon Johan Eliasch for illegally felling 230,000 trees in the Amazon rainforest

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