How is store bought honey different than wild honey?



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    Store bought honey is heated through pasteurization and filtered. This could potentially disrupt or destroy many of the enzymes naturally found in honey. Raw honey is only filtered and still even contain bee pollen. Raw honey is solid at room temperature and murky. 

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    Store bought honey is heated to 120 degrees Fahrenheit for 24 hours to melt the crystals and remove any remaining bee parts or pollen. The honey is then flash-heated and flash-cooled. Heating the honey in this manner will remove many of the particles that make it so healthful but creates a light and, most importantly, uniform color. Artisan, minimally processed, and raw honey (honey is rarely labeled “wild”) still contain minor impurities, which often lend it a murky color and some textural inconsistencies. This honey has not undergone the industrial heating processes and retains more of its health benefits.


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