How to stop Rhino poaching

Is there a way to stop these people ? And how



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    There are many ways you can prevent Rhino poaching. Examples are:

    – On the 22nd September the WWF South Africa calls on all world citizens to make as much noise as possible at 1pm to bring attention to world leaders regarding the issue of rhino poaching. 

    – Jacaranda 94.2 in South Africa holds a 12 hour telethon to raise money to save Rhinos from poaching on September 10th. 

    – The Endangered Wildlife Fund has a Rhino Poaching Hotline that you can call if you have any information regarding poaching. You can also donate online to their cause. 

    – You can also donate to Stop Rhino Poaching to prevent Rhino poaching.

    There are a few other things they suggest. Check out the website for more info.

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