How is sound energy used?



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    Sound energy (the wavelike vibration of molecules in a medium) is used for vocal/auditory communication…. to excite our ears, as in music… and for locating and imaging things (echolocation in bats and ultrasound / sonar technology)… as an energy source, I’m not sure that it has been captured (and transferred into electricity) but since it is a form of mechanical energy, I am nearly positive that it is theoretically possible to do so… I just don’t think it would be very efficient as a lot of energy would be lost in first transferring energy into the air — pushing molecules back and forth — and then later having these air molecules in motion hit some type of energy collector… It would be better to capture the impulse of energy directly! There is enough vibration energy released in an earthquake to power the entire United State with electricity for an entire year (only we don’t have a means for capturing it yet)!

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