How is soil erosion an environmental problem?



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    Top soil is necessary for agriculture and growing any type of plant. When soil erosion takes place, the top soil is lost. This can hurt crops and create runoff. Runoff is a cause of water pollution, including drinking water, because it often comes from soil with contaminants. If pesticides or fertilizers were used, those chemicals could then end up in rivers, oceans, or your own drinking water due to runoff. 

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    Erosion can disrupt an environment completely: less land, several necessary nutrients are taken from the environment, and erosion gets faster and faster as it wins its battle over land.

    Erosion becomes damaging most often when it is caused anthropogenically, by human interaction.  Multiple damaging instances include, but are not limited to: off-road vehicles, mountain bikers, removal of trees or other smaller vegetation.  

    Chemical fertilizers in eroded soil (and natural ones too, like manure) are not beneficial when they end up in ponds and lakes, increase bacteria,  promote algae blooms, and otherwise degrade and destroy habitats for fish and other wildlife.

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