How is soda bad for our bodies?



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    Some studies have suggested a link between drinking soda and obesity. Soda is high in sugar and calories. Combined with its practically nonexistent nutritional value, soda may cause drinkers to pack on the pounds without receiving even the smallest nutritional benefit. Drinking soda has also been shown to contribute to tooth decay. The acid in soda has been shown to erode tooth enamel, leading to dental cavities as well. In fact, the acid in soda can begin damaging enamel just 20 minutes after drinking a can.Another unfortunate health effect of drinking soda is the weakening of bones. Some animal studies have shown that phosphorus in soda leaches calcium from bones. Similar studies on humans have suggested that drinking soda may lead to a tendency toward broken bones.

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    Soda has many negative effects on our body and our overall health in general. First, soda is the most acidic beverage available, about equal to that of vinegar. Considering it can easily rust metal, it doesn’t take much to realize the havoc it can wreak on our bodies. Second, the high levels of phosphorus causes calcium to leach calcium from your bones. Low levels of calcium can result in osteoporosis,more fragile bones that break easier, and tooth loss. Third, the high amounts of sugar and acid can dissolve the enamel on our teeth and cause decay. Fourth, as mentioned above, research has found a strong correlation between soda consumption and obesity. The increased risk may lead to diabetes and other weight-related problems. Fifth, diet soda may not have the calories of regular, but the artificial sweeteners used put you at a greater risk for cancer, and mean you may be consuming high amounts of methanol.

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