how is snowboarding harmful to enviroment?



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    Is it harmful enough to be a concern? Probably not. It’s better that people are exercising, than avoiding minor ecological concerns, as such. After all, we are a part of the environment, too.

    The big cost to the environment of snowboarding is getting to the snow. If you have to drive yourself 4 hours in an SUV — that’s a lot of energy. The ski lift will take more energy. All the food and other tourist-related stuff that needs to be trucked into the distant mountains, more energy.

    But it is as wasteful, for example, as taking an airplane to one of the fashionable international vacation spots? Doesn’t even compare. Enjoy your snowboarding.

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    As freedsmooth said, all the extra transportation that goes along with snowboarding is the biggest concern. If you are looking for an exciting outdoor activity that will provide you with fast-paced adventure, a certain amount of danger, and lots of exercise, mountain biking is a good option. Just be sure to use a well-maintained trail so you don’t cause erosion. If you are looking for daily exercise with less danger that will reduce your impact on the environment, consider cycling to work if you live within 20 miles of your destination. Proper road cycling is definitely not an extreme sport, but one can reach very satisfying speeds on a nice, lightweight bicycle.

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