How is the Smithsonian addressing its challenge of “Understanding and Sustaining Biodiverse Planet?”



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    The Smithsonian launched the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute on January 25, 2010. It is an umbrella agency to promote conservation of biodiversity and species and train future conservationists. The institute is supporting research programs at the Front Royal zoo in Washington and at many field stations around the world. The institute is an effort to support one of the Smithsonian’s four main goals of “understanding and sustaining a bio-diverse planet”. They will focus on methods of preventing loss of species and aiding in effort of recovery for endangered species.

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    Research and education are very important keys to this program. Researchers are studying the planet and the natural systems and educating other researchers, government, and the general public on their findings. These are the two main keys to many conservation-oriented programs. Following the gaining of knowledge, action can be instituted and results can happen.

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