How small are koalas at birth?



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    Oddly enough, about the size of a jelly bean or .015 ounces. The newborn joeys (as they’re called) spend the first six months of life inside their mother’s marsupial pouch. Koalas reach maturity in 2-3 years, by which time they reach a length of 2-3 feet.

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    The size of full grown koalas depends on the region in which they come from. Koalas from southern Australia are significantly larger than Koalas from the North. A male from the South weighs on average about 26 pounds and the female weighs about 17.4 pounds. From the North however, the average male weighs approximately 14.3 pounds and the female weighs about 11.2 pounds. Regardless of the region in which they are born, koala cubs at birth are impressively small (only about the size of a bee). On average they weigh about .5 grams (.018 oz) and are only about .75 inches (19mm) in length. They grow pretty quickly and remain in their mother’s pouch until they are about 30 weeks old and weigh on average a little over a pound (.5kg) and are about 2.75 inches (70mm) in length.

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