How to silence frogs in a small pond



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    Frogs themselves will just naturally make noise, it’s what they do! Silencing them means preventing frogs from ever coming to the pond, as there’s no real way to keep the frogs from croaking and chirping at night.

    Firstly, is the pond yours? If it is a publicly owned pond or a neighbor’s, you can’t do anything to it, and will have to deal with the frog noise. If it is yours, there are a few things you can do to keep frogs from coming to the pond. You could erect a fence around the pond with holes smaller than the frogs. You can also remove plant cover, where frogs like to hang out. If all else fails, you can remove the pond itself, or build another, more attractive pond on another area of your property.

    Remember that it is illegal to kill or harm native amphibians in the United States!

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    The frogs that you hear calling in your small pond are males seeking females for their spring reproduction events. The males are advertising themselves in a competition to look better than other males near them (females may select a mate based on the force and pitch of their call). The frogs will soon stop calling as they will have mated for the year.

    Remember that frogs are living in their natural environment and carrying out their normal behaviors. Amphibians all over the world are seriously endangered and declining in number. Since the noise will soon stop, perhaps close your windows in the evening during their mating season. Also, you may find that the frogs are really interesting if you take a moment to look at them. Walk out to the pond when they are calling with a flashlight and be amazed by how their air sacs move when they call and how they interact with each other. The noise may become less annoying. Reassured, very soon they will stop calling and become silent.

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