How should you dispose of empty bullets?



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    Many hunters/shooters reuse empty bullet casings.  This process, known as reloading or handloading cartridges, literally recycles spent casings.  Handloading cartridges requires a press to fill the cartridges, primers (which the firing pin hits on the bullet to generate the explosion which fires the projectile), projectiles (bullets), and spent casings of the appropriate caliber.  

    The challenge with handloading cartridges is fine tuning the performance of the bullet.  By tweaking the weight of the powder in the bullet (measured in grains) the performance of the bullet can be molded to fit the needs of the shooter.  Generally speaking, skilled handloaders produce better performing bullets than “factory loads.”

    That said, bullet casings are typically made of brass, which is an alloy rather than a pure metal.  However, brass can be recycled at most recycling plants which handle metal.

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