How should we decide which endangered species to focus on?

Conservation places so much emphasis on biodiversity and species counts – but when it comes to funding, what should our criteria ultimately be since we pick and choose which species to save?



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    This is an interesting and yet difficult question to answer. I’m sure most people will have their own opinions about which should take precedence, like all the cute furry ones because their cute. I believe if one is to take a scientific approach to the issue, the criteria should be as such. Like you said before, where in the life cycle does a particular species fit? Is it a predator or prey? Which dominates that particular animal’s habitat, and would it cause further instability? Another question is which have the higher chance of procreating and rebuilding their numbers, given the right conditions? Some may seem more likely than others, given trends of humans. Another, though biased, question could be ‘which ones do humans find useful and/or important to human culture?’ I hesitate to list that one, as it is humans that made most animals endangered, but I can see how that might play a role in some schools of thought. Again, personal opinion may play a role in which ones people consider the ones ‘worth saving,’ but ultimately it may come down to the ones that have the best chances of survival at this point in time. It may not be ideal, but it may be too difficult to try and save them all, all things considered.

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