How should I dispose of an almost full container of multivitamins?

I have an almost full container that has expired. How harmful would it be to throw them away? Is there a more responsible way to get rid of them?



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    Most websites and organizations recommend altering the vitamins in some way like putting them in water to dissolve them and then putting them in a bag with something unappealing to pets and animals like cat litter or coffee grounds. While it is fine just to throw vitamins in the trash, there is a chance that animals could get into the trash and ingest them. In general though, there’s nothing wrong with throwing out vitamins.

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    If you end up using the method that haydenseder mentioned, make sure that you recycle the vitamin container! This way the container has a good use for the environment, and you don’t have to worry about any animals finding and eating the left over vitamins. 

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